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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Famous! (for the internet)

Yes, it happened; I hit the big time.

An interview with ME!

I expect a reality TV crew to come rolling into my house any minute now....

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bake me a Cake or Something

I am 32 today.  I have finally gotten to that point where this day doesn't make me anxious, or regret the passage of time or possible opportunities lost.  I am just where I want to be; happy, healthy and loved.  My sister-in-law pointed out that I am not only 32 years old, but also 32 weeks pregnant.  32 years at 32 weeks.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

How I spent my Summer Vacation

I have to work the week after next.  This is very good news for my bank account but very sad news for my recently acquired habit of not doing anything. I have spent these last two glorious months cultivating a fragile constitution that requires hours of bookreading and cafélingering.  How will I fit in all the leisurely nothing I'm so accustomed to doing, if I have to work?

Besides waking up without an alarm, taking time to eat big breakfasts, and basking in this last babyless summer, I finished a whole unit in my self-guided Java tutorial on udacity.  I made my way through this book, this one and this other.  I saw Some Like It Hot at the outdoor theater a few feet from my front door.

Late one Friday night, my landlady called and wanted to know if we wanted to spend the weekend in St. Girons, a small village in the Ariège department, and stay in an apartment she has there.  We rented a car that night and woke up bright and early Saturday morning to make the twohour drive southwest.  We met her in the village and she handed over the key to the apartment, encouraging us to stay as long as we liked.  There was an old–fashioned agricultural fair that weekend with livestock on show and several parades and even fireworks the last night.  

Farm folk in old-timey garb.

Me standing in a charmingly leafy square in St. Girons.

The summer hasn't been all butterscotch and silk stockings or whatever.  A couple months ago, I got some disappointing results back from some blood work I had done. Nothing serious but enough to make me amend my diet to see if I couldn't do better next time.  For five weeks, David had us on an anti-fungal diet, which meant no refined sugar, yeast, root vegetables or fruits besides berries.   I have missed weeks of summer ice cream. Weeks!  Thankfully, the age of yeast-killing came to a close before our trip to Biarritz...
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