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Monday, June 1, 2015

Things on my Mind Lately

Me in Barcelona last year, because I didn't know what picture to put for this post.

I have a job lined up for next year that is similar to what I've been doing this year, only slightly different.  It comes with the possibility of some real stability in terms of my stay here in Toulouse. I'm incongruously superstitious, so I don't want to jinx the whole thing by talking about it too much or getting too excited about it.  A similar attitude is being developed in regard to my appointment with the visa folks this week, ie, if I don't think about it, maybe something nice will happen...?
I thought for a long time that Captain Jean-Luc Picard was of French Canadian origin, thus rendering his preference for tea--Earl Grey, hot--believable.  I learned from a recently-watched Star Trek episode that he is simply French.  My shock is similar to that I felt upon learning John Calvin is also French. (He's French, you guys at my tiny private school that never mentioned this fact. Not Swiss or whatever. Just accept it.)  The point is that, this is not a galaxy far, far away.  This is France on Earth.  No Frenchman, I don't care how far into the future this is, drinks tea on a daily basis. 

In an attempt to live more openly and honestly, I will let it be known that I am currently reading Middlemarch and also a book called The Royal We.  While I will admit that the latter book is somewhat entertaining, I do spend my time reading it wistfully wondering what Dorothea and Celia are up to.

David decided it was time for our little family unit to get an instrument, and I thought that was a fine idea.  Having recently acquired a guitar, I am trying to learn how to play it.  I am an impatient person, especially when it comes to an entirely new skill and I have zero previous experience.  Very basic chords and daily practice have been a necessary reminder for me to trust and embrace the process of learning.  I quickly forget that putting in the time and effort can build to something bigger.  I tend to want to see some immediate gain.  I am trying to remind myself that there was once a time when I made stacks of French vocab cards and had to memorize the conjugations of to be and to have.  The me of ten years ago would have found my current ability to carry on breezy conversations about my weekend with my work colleagues, unfathomable. 


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