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Friday, May 15, 2015

Scenes of Toulouse

(Photo credit to David Allen.  Bless his stubborn commitment to film.  My photos never look like this.)

David and I were chatting one sunny day as we strolled through Square Charles de Gaulle, and were stopped in our tracks by this guy.  I don't think I've seen even the most well-intentioned non-profit be this transparent about where their funds are diverted.  We stopped to chat with the man.  It turned out that he was from California and had spent quite a bit of time in Europe.  He had just come from some time spent in Germany, where he had seen someone else employ this method of pan-handling.  He felt it went over better in Germany than in France.  Even so, it seemed that he was getting quite a bit of traffic; in the short time we sat and chatted with him, a half dozen passersby stopped to laugh with him at his joke, or donate money.  "To each his own vices," one young student commented, as he hopped off his bike to toss a few coins in the 'beer' coffer.  

When David asked if the man would mind if he snapped a couple photos, the man said he wouldn't mind at all, then added, "Wait, wait a second..."  He pawed through the giant knapsack he was sitting on and produced a bottle of rosé and a corkscrew, adding, "let's make this photo look more authentic."
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