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Thursday, April 23, 2015

No Prayer Bars? Out of Celestial Service?*

I live about a ten-minute walk from the metro.  Most afternoons, when I'm heading into work, I take those 10 minutes to pray.  On several occasions, as I'm approaching the stairs that lead down to the metro, I've thought to myself, "Better wrap this up, I don't want this conversation to get...dropped....wait...."  

This week has been spring vacation for me.  I had all sorts of intentions to go hiking and participate in life, etc, etc.  However, the weather hasn't been too cooperative and I forget that I'm old(er) and can hurt my back and suddenly for a few days I can't do much more than get dressed. 

What this week lacks in exciting memory-making adventures, however, it makes up for in productivity.  I have a grand life-plan to "learn more about computers and stuff."  My first step was to learn Java and this week I actually had time to make progress through a free, on-line course.  I'm noting my goals here as a way to be held accountable...

I also managed to apply to more jobs this week than I have ever applied to in my life.  I'm pretty terrible at cover letters and interviews and getting my foot in the door, but I'm realizing a work contract is the only way to stay in France.  David and I have both agreed that if we can squeeze out even just one more year in Toulouse, we would feel like we made the most of our time and energy to get here.  And so, I've sent out resumes in response to listings for hotel receptionists, bilingual administrative assistants, English teachers, even a couple banking positions.  Most days, I have a little grey cloud in one corner of my brain, dedicated to worrying about "how will we stay next year?"  

Today, I'm feeling really good about getting one of those short-term work contracts, or even one of the magic, infamous indeterminate-amount-of-time contracts.  

*There's a clever title for this post somewhere, but I just can't think of it.

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Anonymous said...

Haha, prayer bars. I've never thought that before.
Oh, do you use goodreads to keep track of your books, or just your blog?

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