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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Carnival Parade

I work Saturday mornings.  The fact that I am a night-owl combined with the inherent pain one feels when working on a day that most other people have off, means I rarely go out Saturday nights.  I drag myself home after work, shove whatever food my husband has made in my mouth and aim myself towards my bed as fast as possible before collapsing into oblivion.  By the time I wake up, it's late afternoon (read: early to full-on evening) and I have the whole night to work on projects, read or relax. 

I had heard earlier that there was a carnival parade that was supposed to be going on yesterday.  Chatting about weekend plans with my co-worker after teaching yesterday, I mentioned it.  "But it's probably over, right?" I wondered allowed, assuming as much since most parades are morning to afternoon type affairs.  The co-worker assured me that it wasn't, it took place at night and even insisted that it was the highlight of her year last year.

Deciding to break my usual, action-packed Saturday routine, my husband and I headed into the center of town to watch the parade.  Two aspects of the night struck me: the whole event was more family-friendly than I had thought and the floats were all on the home-made side.  I suppose I've been influenced by all of the photos of the wild, lavish Brazilian carnivals that I've seen.  People and children of all ages were out in the streets and dressed up in all types of costumes, milling around the floats and walking alongside them as they progressed down the street. 

There was loud music and confetti and a great festive ambiance. 

The mascot of the parade this year was The Werewolf.  (which the crowd apparently burns in a huge fire at the end, but we missed it.)


I loved this goofy snail!
Empty streets full of confetti.

I must've had a good time; my shoes were full of confetti when I got home!

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