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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Teutonic Plague: Home edition

Since I mentioned my former abode in my last post, (and in such glowing terms!) I thought it might be nice to share pictures of this place that I called home last year.
Here's the living room from the front door, through to the kitchen at the back of the apartment. That big rectangle of light is our back door.

You might notice the wash hanging from specially-purchased rope, hung from the previous owner's plant hooks in the ceiling.  I don't dryer dry my things; just wasn't raised that way.  Please also notice piles of climbing gear piled up at edges of room, including specially-purchased rope.  That shirtless guy poking his head through the doorway?  That's not my husband, why do you ask?

This is my husband!

There's just one thing I wanted to highlight in the living room:
I broke the bottom drawer of this dresser trying to open it once, and then he looked like he was trying to perpetually say something, so David made up some curmudgeonly eyes for him.  That is an Erlenmeyer flask atop my dresser, thanks for noticing!  Pro tip:  I like to display thoughtful objects around my home that are not only beautiful but serve a purpose.  This flask is great for when you need to whip up a batch of soap in a pinch, or instigate a game of Ninja in the kitchen. 

 Let's proceed to the kitchen.

Here's a photo of part of the kitchen, with me looking dejected about post-Thanksgiving turkey.  What's that just over my shoulder....?
Why it's a Tea-Rex!
And here's another angle of the kitchen:
That oven mitt also has a face, on account of Kevin saying that the whole thing reminded him of "a dino mouth."

And one more:
Great shot of our tire-stack there.  Oh, and the duct tape holding the linoleum down.

And above we have a photo of our little place decorated for Christmas.  Our door is on the left.

We also had a bedroom, bathroom, and a giant walk-in closet, but I don't really have any interesting photos of them, mostly because they are not that interesting.  Thanks for joining us on today's home tour!

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