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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

One time we went to Wyoming

A WHILE ago, a friend of ours from back East came to visit for a week so we decided to take a day trip to Wyoming, because, hey...when will I EVER be this close to Wyoming again?

I admit, I was dubious at first of Wyoming's capacity to intrigue and entertain.  But after a moment or two in the Cheyenne tourist center, rustling through all the brochures describing the local color, we had rapidly compiled a list of varied activities to keep us busy for a day.  (Thank goodness the tourist office ladies were super-patient and willing to answer our million inane, over-eager questions about buffalo and Lewis and Clark and rodeos, etc, etc.)


giant boot in Cheyenne

There were quite a few historical-type buildings. Yay.

Teepee! at a Botanic Garden.

Feeding buffalo!

Kinda looks like some sort of Jim Henson creation...



Apparently, buffalo can jump up to six feet high and can run for hours and hours without tiring.  Our guide at the buffalo ranch was very knowledgeable and made the tour really interesting; he clearly loved his job and made it easy to appreciate and marvel at these animals.  (there were also quite a few camels.  And llamas.  And a yak? Yes.)

And then we ate Rocky Mountain Oysters which were surprisingly not terrible and there was a REAL live cowboy there who you could barely understand when he talked, and then we finished off the whole day with some buffalo steaks and sausage.  Yum.  Go Wyoming.

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