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Monday, June 3, 2013

Building the Kingdom

I started a new job recently that is definitely NOT a job I could see myself doing forever and involves answering the phone all day which is pretty much the thing I hate doing most on this planet (call centers! nooooo!)  I have been pretty cranky and stressed all week and acting like a heinous banshee; moaning about how terrible this job is and how unfair life and the universe are and how surely I am the butt of some Olympian joke, etc, etc.

And how do my lovely friends (and hubsman!) respond, the ones daily bearing the brunt of my frustration and sourness?  Why, they reach out with love and compassion and get me a gift...

Oh, like a board game.  Looks like Settlers of Catan or something...

Wait...are those, like...doves?  And those aren't....missionaries....?

Whoa what?

Oh you know, we're just sitting around, playing our favorite game: Build the Kingdom.

And the winner of the game!  If you look closely, you can see the box lid with the name of the game, in the background.

They went to the Mormon book-store, knowing how intrigued I am by the followers of Joseph Smith et al. and bought this Latter Day Sainted version of the Settlers of Catan.  (you build Books of Mormon, and then converts and then upgrade those to churches.  The resource cards are things like "faith," "repentance," "prayer.")

Shucks, my friends know me so well; they organized my first family home evening! 

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