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Friday, June 21, 2013

Airport Apocalypse

A few weeks ago, my younger brother and I were chatting in the car after he had picked me up from Philly International airport; I had just flown in from Denver.  He mentioned that some friends of his had heard that there were these slightly terrifying, apocalypse-themed  murals on some of the walls of DIA.  Skeptical of this, I told him that all the times I had flown into and out of DIA, I had only ever noticed the trippy, new-agey sayings engraved and printed on the walls in English and Spanish, but no bizarro wall decorations featuring the four horsemen or similar.

I guess I just wasn't looking hard enough.

Bleary-eyed and exhausted after a long day of travel, stumbling toward baggage claim at around midnight, I recalled what my brother had said and was just telling my husband to keep a look-out for any paintings that would have given, say, John on Patmos the warm and fuzzies, when we passed this:

So, your basic apocalypse: flames, weeping and gnashing of teeth, sad turtle caught in a fishing net, extinct puffin and quetzal in glass cases...

This is a close-up in case you didn't see the lower right of the painting.  That is a dead female child in a coffin.

 I guess it's meant to put any lost luggage into perspective...?

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