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Monday, February 4, 2013


Hm. So, since the last time I wrote, I started a customer service job and have gone to interviews for two other jobs.  Jobs, jobs,.....JOBS! 

The customer service job has so far been better than expected, although I am still just in the "training" stages.  While it isn't something I want to do forever, it is nice to know that if the other opportunities fall through, I do have some financial security and it wouldn't cost my sanity and/or healthy blood pressure. 

The interview I had on Thursday was also for a customer service job, but I would get to speak French.  Bonus: better pay and benefits and the team seems super-nice.  Negative: it is an hour away, and all the calls and emails I would have to handle are of the complaint variety. 

Then Friday I had an interview for a company that runs a study abroad website.  I was super jazzed about this one, but then it turned out the job would be mostly cold calling study abroad..programs....or something...?  Actually, I'm not too sure what the job entails as the interviewer was not very clear and also admitted that he hadn't looked at my resume or cover letter yet.  Awesome.  Bonus: the office is very near to where I live and I would get to talk about international education all day, which I LOVE, and this could potentially be a stepping stone to other positions in this field in the future.  Negative: I do not cherish the idea of making cold calls and "selling" something to someone, even if it is free.  The position is just an internship and so the hours and pay are very low. 


I am currently making a giant pro/con list on the whiteboard at the moment.  ALSO, neither job has formally offered a position yet....but still...which do I choose....?

(And now I must go do the complete opposite of watching the Superbowl, ie, watching French sitcoms.)

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