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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cure for the Common Job Hunt (Part 1)

It has now been about 3.5 months since I wrapped up that whole masters thing and started applying to jobs.  While I realize that isn't very long these days to be looking and that I'm lucky I have a whole bunch of lovely folks to support me and buy things for me and listen to my whiny complaining, the whole cover- lettering-resumeing-follow-up-calling process is really starting to get me down.  A woman in the HR department of one university with a particularly tantalizing job offer (in France!) kindly informed me when I called that they can take up to 7 months to fill a position!  Gah. 

I am someone who is pretty good at filling my free time and keeping myself occupied, but I sometimes neglect that most important of attention-distracters and mood-boosters: exercise.  In order to escape the job-hunting blahs, I've been trying to be more intentional about keeping active.  I really have no excuse to be lazy as David is bursting with workout ideas from his years of experience in the field;  I just have to ask.  My main problem is that I get bored easily and become demoralized quickly when faced with doing a million reps of the same move.  But!  last night, David planned a doozey of a workout for us.  He had a deck of cards and each suit was assigned a certain task; spades was push-ups, hearts was jumping jacks (only those are easy so you would double the number), clubs was air-squats (squats without any weight) and diamonds was kettle-bell swings.  Aces were a two-minute rest.  The idea is simple: draw a card, and whatever the number is signifies how many you must do of the corresponding activity.

The first few cards were all push ups, and they were high numbers (face cards are twelve) and I thought to myself, well, we'll do a few cards, a dozen maybe, then the workout will be over.  But then, no.  No.  We kept flipping cards and then David mentioned how usually, he would go through the whole deck with former clients, and then something in my brain snapped and ragey Wini emerged and then...we went through the whole deck.  The whole deck!  About three-quarters of the way through I started to feel like I couldn't finish, but something about the suspense of not knowing what suit you will get next, and the continual hope that it will be a low number appealed to my need for a constantly surprising workout and I made it to the end.

So, I still don't have a job, but nothing lifts your spirits and validates you as more than a useless lump than doing more push-ups than you ever thought you could do.  

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