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Saturday, November 20, 2010

I rarely make it to the outdoor market here.  The largest one in town is on Saturday, and you have to get there before noon.  I firmly believe that Saturday is for not doing anything before noon.  

But last night, I got a terrible craving which I knew could only be satisfied by hauling my sorry butt out of bed and into the freezing gloom of the November morning, in order to go to the market to purchase a bundle of what I needed: radishes.  A bunch of lovely magenta and cream-colored radishes (to be eaten with a baguette and piles of salty butter), snappy in both texture and taste, was all I could think about.   

But really, is there a cheerier root vegetable?  I don’t think so. 
Arriving late to the market (I cruised in around 1) can be slightly dangerous as the vendors are more willing to push whatever leftovers they have on you.  Today was no exception.  I walked away from a stall with a whole lot more radishes than I was planning, plus one rather sinister-looking vegetable that la vendeuse referred to as a radis noir.  After inquiring, she said I could just slice it really thin and eat it as it is.  

It looks to me like something from a Grimm’s fairytale; can’t you just picture Rapunzel’s father, creeping into his neighbor’s garden in the moonlight and digging up one of these enchanted roots for his desperate, pregnant wife?           

Yes, I included a gratuitous shot of my beloved radishes, washed and de-whiskered.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Having been cooped up inside today doing academic-type things (well, sort of) I decided to go for a walk in the cold early-evening air while my laundry spun around for the 35 minutes the lavomatique machines take.

I decided to pass by the boulangerie down the street on my way. Entering, I asked for a baguette. As she handed the baton across the counter, I could instantly feel that it was still warm through the little square of white paper she had deftly twisted around its center. Baguette. Still warm.

For a fleeting moment I considered swinging by the grocery store to get cheese. But then realized what I really wanted. I walked straight back to my studio, sat down, tore open that baguette, and layered on a bunch of demi-sel. I’ll exercise tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Interesting fact of the day!

Interesting fact of the day: During World War II, the British Foreign Office seriously considered a post-war scheme, whereby the Jewish population would be relocated to Libya. As Libya (along with Somaliland and Eritrea) was a colony of Italy (evil axis power, loser of war) this possible solution cleared up two problems, ie, how to deal with Italy’s colonies now that the war was over, AND what to do with a battered, persecuted and effectively homeless population. (1) Uhh…what guys? Libya? (It was later decided that resettling a new people group in Libya would create just as many problems as cramming them into Palestine anyway. Go figure.)

Sometimes I really wish that when we get to Heaven, there will be a giant “Alternate Reality” TV screen, so we can see how life would have turned out if life didn’t turn out how it did. Like in that episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where Worf experiences a bunch of different realities all at once, because The Enterprise is going through a worm hole or something, and all the infinite possible outcomes of his life are all jumbled up around him and happening all at once.(2)

If that TV existed, you know I would beg God to play the tape where Britain decides to recolonize Libya with Jewish people.


1 William Roger LOUIS, Imperialism at Bay, New York, Oxford University Press, 1978, 58.
2 Star Trek : The Next Generation, « Parallels », Season 7, episode 11, November 27, 1993
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