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Saturday, April 24, 2010

It’s okay, I’m alive

Sooo, Thursday I opened a word document in which to fashion a blog post and I (optimistically) marked it “saturday 24 april.” Thinking I would start it and then finish it by Saturday. And now I have 9 minutes until it’s Sunday. So, in unprecedented haste, I present you with a new post:

Lately, in order to avoid working on my thesis (am wondering where all the super-enthusiastic thesis-writing graduate students are? Any students out there that willingly run toward their lap tops and stacks of 3x5 cards…?) I’ve been reading a whole lot of blogs, so I thought I’d put something back “in.” The only problem is…life is super boring right now.

Hm. Oh! How about some photos of my holiday, back in February? Okay! See, I went to Paris...




Aha, I crack myself up. Truthfully, it was encouraging spending that rainy week at this library, surrounded by so many nice people so excited about everyone's work and so willing to help.

Actually, those books are super-interesting and I’ve been blathering for weeks AT anyone who’ll listen (sorry D) about partition and Pakistan and Churchill. And then China for a while. And now Korea. So, you can see where I’m at.

Plus, I'm in some sort of new-mom stage with this thesis where I'm not getting a whole lot of sleep and I worry about it facing the real world (or, you know, a director of research) but I also secretly gloat and think my little thesis topic is the best, most perfect topic that was ever born. Er, written.

And frankly, that’s…about…all…I got. I have a massive three hour exam Tuesday, from the super-organized and frightening TA student who ran our class all semester and whose thesis was part of the course- reading and was roughly 300+ pages long. Ack.

So, I must go back to cramming as many décolonisation facts into my brain as possible.

(On a topical note: this volcano couldn't have erupted at a better time. I've never been so immobile and monastic in my life. Bring on the ash! Bring on the flight-delays! I'm good for as long as my french-press and coffee supply hold out...)


Pekka & Halle said...'re still in the 3x5 card note-taking stage. wait until you get to the 'writing notes on the backs of old bank statements when you have that sudden flash of inspiration in the middle of a deep sleep' phase. it's a hoot.

Dave said...

Yay! Exam over . . . wait . . . that means back to the bristol papers.

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