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Saturday, January 23, 2010


For the last week I’ve had three different post ideas in my head, but recently my brain has been busy buzzing with theories regarding India, America and anything Indo-American. Since my meager quantity of grey cells has been thus distracted, (or is it lingering caulk fumes from the landlord trying to fix my kitchen sink this afternoon?) I haven’t been able to devote the necessary brain-space to develop these post ideas past a few sentences. So, I thought I’d mash them up into one post here. Mash blindly and hope for the best, like how I get the DVD player to work.

-I’m still desperately trying to not think about my still nonexistent exam results. But, in sword of Damocles style, I can’t help but be a little bit constantly bothered by them. Seeking some relief, I asked a couple of my French colleagues how long one might expect to wait to know how they’ve faired the previous semester. “C”, from Normandy answered, “But this will take weeks and weeks. And weeks.” Another, “ E” responded to me via text saying, “We won’t have the results before a longtime. We don’t even have the grades for the oral exams yet (taken in November).” How grim.
It just reminds me of the time I got my first Internet bill here. I opened it the day I received it to discover that the “pay by” date was just 2 days away. Frantically I rushed to the post and paid an exorbitant sum to ensure the Internet folks would get my check the very next day. Recounting the incident later to a frenchie, she seemed amused that I had made such an effort to send off my payment. “It’s not so serious if it gets paid by the date they’ve marked,” she said.

-I somehow caught Le gastro Monday morning. Last time I had it a couple years ago (also in France!) I was telling anyone who would listen that I was most likely dying. It is a sad decision—perhaps the saddest—trying to determine which end of one’s person needs to be pointed towards the porcelain waste receptacle with the most urgency. Sometime mid-morning on Monday, I had disposed of everything my body could possibly dispose of, and so I pulled on some sneakers and a jacket over my pajamas and shuffled downstairs to the pharmacy next door. I asked the pharmacienne for something to help with le vomissement and as I stood there, swaying on my feet, in some nutrient and sleep-deprived corner of my brain I thought for the millionth time what a shame it is that such a nice sounding word like vomissement has to mean something so unpleasant.

-Recently on the phone with my mother she mentioned, as she occasionally does, how she is not sure with what exactly I’m using to cloth myself “over there,” as all my drawers in my bedroom in America are full. She expressed an anxious hope that I’m not going around with “my bucket* hanging out.” It amuses me to no end to imagine just how I’m dressed in her head, as I tromp about town.

*”bucket” being a euphemism for one’s derriere, naturally. Is it just my mom who says this…?


Pekka & Halle said...

sit on your bucket and practice the banana!

what?...doesn't everyone say that???


Pekka & Halle said...


ns3956 said...

I'm so glad I'm eating chili while reading this.


Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco!

Donovan said...

Why hello 'WEM'. How pleasurable to make your acquaintance...except I already have! I was searchin' round for some good places to read up on la vie parisienne (I'm movin there in two weeks), and came across your bloghavad gita...eventually, I realized I went to a certain Breton university with you in printemps 2008. Small world? I hope le vomissement se passe and that you aren't, in fact, dying, so that I can possibly cross your path travelin dans la France! Where are ya, Rennes, Paris, quelquepart d'autre?

Donovan :P

wem said...

Donovan hi! I'm in Rennes! And yay for you going to PARIS! Weee!

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