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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Obviously, right this minute, I should be feverishly highlighting pertinent passages from the skillfully photocopied version I have in my possession of the chef d’oeuvre of a certain Mr. G. Hess. I was doing just that, not a few minutes ago, I swear. In fact, I was so overcome with the sheer volume of relevant facts and theories before me that I perhaps was a little over-zealous and sometime this afternoon my highlighter dried up. (Oh! Stabilo Boss, purchased way back in this very town in 2004! The reams of papers we have highlighted together!) I was forced to go to the Super U nearby and purchase a new Stabilo Boss. (green before, yellow now)

There is really only so much high-lighting one can do before one’s wrist needs a break. I also have been thinking about something recently:

Last week, a guest pastor came to church to speak. He was Quebecois, and had left a healthy, growing church in Canada several years ago in order to minister in France. He explained the trouble he and his wife had encountered—both administrative and spiritual—in their journey to obtain the legal right to live The Hexagon. Seeking some advice, he began calling churches and pastors in France. He said he contacted 6 different church organizations. Of those 6, 4 told him, “Don’t come to France.” And of those 4, one church leader confessed that not only did he think it was a bad idea for him to come to France, but that he himself was in the process of trying to get OUT of France.

Sitting there in church, his story made me think of something my sister had said. She currently lives in Nearly the Arctic Circle, Finland, because Helsinki wasn’t quite cold enough. Anyway, she had mentioned how she had one time encountered missionaries sent from Korea at their church in Helsinki.
Koreans…evangelizing…Finns? When did this weird flip occur? What does this tell us about the state of the church today, when countries that were “colonies” or unacquainted with the gospel, now see such a need to take the gospel back to the “colonizers?”

Someone! Please do a study of the implications behind formerly non-Christian places (the Americas and the Far East) sending missionaries to evangelize historically Christian ones (Europe). And then tell me about it.

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Pekka & Halle said...

someone already did it in exeter. she was interviewing people from africa and the south pacific who had come back to evangelize britain for her phd.

re: highlighting
just read the bits you haven't highlighted, simple.


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