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Sunday, November 8, 2009

happy news

Life is hard. Even for those few people who managed to make all the "right" decisions and happened to be in all the right places at the right times. Even they have obstacles and moments of head-against-wall banging.

And the rest? The ones who make horrible choices, or have all the worst possible chances in the world dumped on them, or who just can't catch a break? I marvel at how they just keep coming back, how they just keep taking what they're dealt and making something from it.

Okay, so this is obviously about someone in particular, who probably falls somewhere in between those two categories.

Regardless of setbacks, he attacked every new enterprise with energy and panache, risking everything each time. This guy can do nothing if not reinvent himself in order to meet new expectations. In every best sense, he is not the same guy I first met 8 years ago. Achieving that kind of growth, taking all the best bits out of life and learning from them, and not letting the bad bits make you bitter, is nothing short of extraordinary.

So LM, I'm so glad and proud that the fine Colorado State University looked at your application, the crazy, crooked path you took to get where you are today and thought sure, we need one of those here.

Fort Collins has no idea what's in store.


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