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Friday, October 30, 2009

Look what I found, dated June 18, 2009


Headquarters demands that I update (says he wants something new to read.)
So, what have I been up to? Not much. Lately, I’ve been catching up on my reading, sunbathing (yes, there have actually been a handful of non-dismal days) and avoiding the horrifying piles of crap strewn about my apartment that I’m pretty sure will come alive one of these nights and suffocate me. Oh yeah, and I’ve occasionally been putting in 9, maybe even 10 hour work-weeks over at the college and primary school. Tough.

Also, I got my application in to Rennes II (or rennes too! as I like to think of it).
Also my mom came to visit during the April vacation and I got to perfect my stick-shift driving skills and she got to perfect her not-being-too-annoyed-by-the-whiplash skills.

We went to the Monts d’Arree. And a couple of Fest-Noz. And then she broke her foot on the pool slide. And then (in a strange re-enactment of my first year as an assistant) she got ‘le gastro’ while on a train to Paris. And then she was accosted and shoved by a crazy on the metro. I’m not even kidding.

And then I went to my first French wedding! In the Champagne region! In the church that my dad’s cousins have been building up for the last 15 years or so.
But then my mom and I had to drive back to Reims at 3 am after a full day of partying and they were doing tram-construction in Reims and so we drove in circles (literally) for a few hours trying to get to the Avis to drop off the car. And sometime after 5 am or so, I sort of (whoops) got pulled over by a police van. And somehow amidst my babbling, the cops felt sorry for us and so escorted us to Avis.
Yay! Finally back to the hotel! In through the front door, and then….wait….no….the room key-card doesn’t work. For a split-second, I know we both wanted to kick and scream and cry. But really, by then, all you can really do is laugh. (And then go out to a phone booth to call the night manager, because a certain cell phone provider was not working all weekend.)

And even after all that-the whiplash, the cranky daughter, vomiting, broken foot, hobbling around Paris, police intervention- she's been talking about coming back.

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