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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Inherently Good?

Despite being somewhat of a veteran in regards to this weird internship/teaching post hybrid with its imperative half-responsibilities, it still catches me off-guard when I realize, “Hey, I’m the English teacher.”

Monday, I had drifted into my own world sitting in my classroom, when I was startled by the bell. I dashed out to make my last-minute photocopies as the kids filed in. Of course, on my return, I caught a flash of French-kid sneaker rapidly retreating from the doorway, as its owner dove back into the classroom, prairie-dog style, in order to warn the other little prairie dogs of imminent danger. “Elle arrive! Mais taisez-vous!” I could hear them whisper as I approached.

Upon entering, half the class fell angelically—suspiciously—silent while the other half began frantically waving their hands in the air, bursting with what they had to share.

“Manon was standing on the table!”
“MaĆ«l said a bad word!”
“Jordan hit Estelle!”


(In other news, I received The Application today-for grad school-and I’m rapidly realizing how quixotic a scheme this is. What was I thinking? I have to submit a c.v. I’ve never written a c.v. in English before, let alone French. Pray people. This could potentially be a long, disastrous year…)

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Pekka & Halle said...

or it could be the start of a fantastic adventure which culminates in your learning a language which 0.000788483728 of the people in the world speak!

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