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Sunday, March 8, 2009


I hate how illogical computers are. I had taken a photo of a slightly humorous sign today while on my walk, and somewhere between taking the photo and then sticking the photo card into my laptop, the photo went missing. Eh?

After fruitlessly searching techie forums online (ugh. Such big, incomprehensible words) I gave up and called The Friend. He, too, was unable to answer my question of where the picture went and how I could retrieve it.

“Maybe it was because it was really cold outside when I took the photo?” I queried. He scoffed, saying that made no sense; which made me snarky. “Oh, so my explanation of the camera getting too cold is obviously irrational, even though the problem itself doesn’t follow any logic.” Which got me to thinking, how these computery programmery types would have you believe that computers are so logical and ordered. Binary code and what-not. Except how can one logically explain why a series of actions performed a dozen times in the past (take photo, remove card, insert into laptop, retrieve photo) would suddenly produce a completely different result this time?

“Computer science. Hardly.” I spat.
“Computer psychology, more like,” he affirmed.

Binary code, my bum. 000110100 duck double 4 sandwich monkey 0011 punch in the face000111000

Follows no logic.

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Pekka & Halle said...

double one, twoty-two, forty-six...

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