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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Books are like watching television, only better."

I have been without Internets since I arrived in St.Pol and this whole time I just kept picturing all the stuff I could get done once I had that lovely golden Internets. Pictures to be posted! Friends to chat with! And Skype! Oh the Skype! My livebox arrived today and I even figured out how to hook it up and switch the "off" button to "on," thus telling the keepers of the Internets that I would like some.

But suddenly I can't really remember what the Internets is for. Sure I checked the facebook, and then my email. And then, after staring at the laptop wallpaper for 30 seconds, checked my facebook again, and sadly became that friend that posts things on everyone's walls like, "Eating an awesome sammich! Haha! Wicked!" every five minutes. I'm lame.

Am considering linking this site to my facebook. But then I have to behave.

Also, I went to this Yoga class last night (which wasn't really yoga at all because I forgot I was in France for a second and thought I would be actually doing something instead of just sitting on the floor in a circle discussing yoga theory, which was nice but I don't think it will make me limber.) and as the head lady was winding down the discussion, she asked me to introduce myself before everyone left, as I had snuck in late. I had just gotten my name out when the lady next to me turned and said, "Oh you're Wini. You're the language assistant, aren't you. My daughter came home talking about you today."

And then I realized that- petit a- there are only three schools in St. Pol and I teach in two of them- and petit b- that means that scientifically, there is a ginormous chance that if you have a kid in St. Pol, then I teach your kid and am thus somehow connected to you.


dsallen777 said...

Why did "keepers of the Internets" make me laugh so?

wem said...

'cause you're biased.

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