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Monday, October 6, 2008

The Artichoke Capital of France

After only one tiny, tiny minor freakout early last Sunday morning (further proof of why I should not be expected to get out of bed before noon on any given day), I'm all settled in St. Pol de Leon and ready to take on this year. Lying in bed, in the dark, staring at the ceiling at 4 in the AM last Sunday, I was swinging between feelings of extreme doubt and zen calm; content to be in France, nervous that there were no other assistants in this town, etc etc. I was managing somewhat to calm myself down, (Ah! Im 25! What am I doing?!) when the boyfriend called to check in (jerk) at which point I just exploded all over the phone. Of course, me being me, and thus it being necessary that I constantly exist in polar opposite emotions, within 24 hours I was gleefully wondering why I had wasted so much of my life not living in France and was postulating a highly Gallic future for myself. (Here's hoping) Alors, tout va mieux.

So, overall, things are going so well here in The Artichoke Capital of France (thanks to my sister for discovering this bit of St. Polian trivia...) that I'm almost waiting with bated breath for the bad news, as I do. (What was that? The tap water glows because of the nuclear power plant just outside of town? Assistants will not get paid this year? What?) But so far, the teachers and the boss lady in charge of me remain as friendly as always, and the town is still just as close to the ocean and as delicious-looking as ever.

Spending this weekend with the French FAM in Rennes so's I can go to my visite medicale on Monday. (Yay! Another x-ray of my lungs for my collection!) Also attended an assistants meet-up on Saturday, but didn't 'meet-up' with anyone placed close enough to St. Pol. Boo. However, on my way to the creperie, I nearly literally ran into this girl that I knew from last semester. She was still in Rennes studying. What odd luck to run into someone I know, even though I'm only here the weekend. Odd luck.

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