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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Curry and some Yoga

I made a curry today which is much less impressive than it sounds since I just bought a packet of ready-mixed spices and then added some pieces of chicken. BUT, I did get to chuck in a few dollops of the most domestic and fashionable of all ingredients...creme fraiche. Look at me with my tub of left-over creme fraiche in the fridge, I'm such a grown-up. Also, whilst cooking I opened as many of the windows as I could in the hopes of avoiding all those knowing looks people exchange around you when you go out after having eaten a large quantity of Indian food and are wafting stale saffron and tandoori-smell about the room, in manner similar to my college Chem lab professor. I thought I had succeeded but as soon as I let myself into the building, I could smell it straight away even though my apartment is on the second floor.

The evening proceeded in a similarly eastern fashion as I then went to a super-wierd yoga class. I had pictured me becoming flexible and bendy. This class, though, wasn't so much down-ward dog as lots of lying on one's back breathing deeply, vigorous rubbing of one's stomach and intestines (the Puritan in me was mortified, and talk of chakras (more Puritanical chagrin). We laid down on our backs for 90% of the time. I think I fell asleep at one point. No, I know I fell asleep. We were all lying down, wrapped up in the blankets that we had been using to work on, and we were just laying there still as she talked about picturing our insides or something and I was centering my energy somewhere in my diaphragm, but then the next thing I knew she was moving onto sitting up already. It's okay, I don't think I was the only one, and at least I wasn't the lady who farted really loudly in the middle of one of the breathing exercises. La pauvre.

Later, I had to rub the back and legs of the lady next to me while she rubbed me. (Luckily not the one who farted, I think.)

Yeah, it was just strange and not what I expected. Although the first class was free, I have to pay for the rest. Which puts me in a bind because I don't think I really want to do it again but the instructrice was really very kind and attentive. She knew I was foreign and seemed excited to have me and was keen that I got right the few moves that we did. Eh bien, on verra. But maybe I will just stick to swimming laps.

Okay, I have to make name cards now that my class can stick to their foreheads and then miraculously learn English, somehow. That's the game I have planned, don't mock it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Books are like watching television, only better."

I have been without Internets since I arrived in St.Pol and this whole time I just kept picturing all the stuff I could get done once I had that lovely golden Internets. Pictures to be posted! Friends to chat with! And Skype! Oh the Skype! My livebox arrived today and I even figured out how to hook it up and switch the "off" button to "on," thus telling the keepers of the Internets that I would like some.

But suddenly I can't really remember what the Internets is for. Sure I checked the facebook, and then my email. And then, after staring at the laptop wallpaper for 30 seconds, checked my facebook again, and sadly became that friend that posts things on everyone's walls like, "Eating an awesome sammich! Haha! Wicked!" every five minutes. I'm lame.

Am considering linking this site to my facebook. But then I have to behave.

Also, I went to this Yoga class last night (which wasn't really yoga at all because I forgot I was in France for a second and thought I would be actually doing something instead of just sitting on the floor in a circle discussing yoga theory, which was nice but I don't think it will make me limber.) and as the head lady was winding down the discussion, she asked me to introduce myself before everyone left, as I had snuck in late. I had just gotten my name out when the lady next to me turned and said, "Oh you're Wini. You're the language assistant, aren't you. My daughter came home talking about you today."

And then I realized that- petit a- there are only three schools in St. Pol and I teach in two of them- and petit b- that means that scientifically, there is a ginormous chance that if you have a kid in St. Pol, then I teach your kid and am thus somehow connected to you.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Artichoke Capital of France

After only one tiny, tiny minor freakout early last Sunday morning (further proof of why I should not be expected to get out of bed before noon on any given day), I'm all settled in St. Pol de Leon and ready to take on this year. Lying in bed, in the dark, staring at the ceiling at 4 in the AM last Sunday, I was swinging between feelings of extreme doubt and zen calm; content to be in France, nervous that there were no other assistants in this town, etc etc. I was managing somewhat to calm myself down, (Ah! Im 25! What am I doing?!) when the boyfriend called to check in (jerk) at which point I just exploded all over the phone. Of course, me being me, and thus it being necessary that I constantly exist in polar opposite emotions, within 24 hours I was gleefully wondering why I had wasted so much of my life not living in France and was postulating a highly Gallic future for myself. (Here's hoping) Alors, tout va mieux.

So, overall, things are going so well here in The Artichoke Capital of France (thanks to my sister for discovering this bit of St. Polian trivia...) that I'm almost waiting with bated breath for the bad news, as I do. (What was that? The tap water glows because of the nuclear power plant just outside of town? Assistants will not get paid this year? What?) But so far, the teachers and the boss lady in charge of me remain as friendly as always, and the town is still just as close to the ocean and as delicious-looking as ever.

Spending this weekend with the French FAM in Rennes so's I can go to my visite medicale on Monday. (Yay! Another x-ray of my lungs for my collection!) Also attended an assistants meet-up on Saturday, but didn't 'meet-up' with anyone placed close enough to St. Pol. Boo. However, on my way to the creperie, I nearly literally ran into this girl that I knew from last semester. She was still in Rennes studying. What odd luck to run into someone I know, even though I'm only here the weekend. Odd luck.
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